Thursday, April 19, 2012

Wild Winter Weekend Getaways By; Martina Stritesky

Rating: ****

This article is about particular winter activities that are rarely seen.  The three that were interesting in the article is Tree Top Retreat, Zip, Zip and Away, and Surfs up out East.

In the tree top article it talks about a way to stay in a hotel like atmosphere without the hotel.  This is able to happen by staying in free spirit spheres.  They are set upon some of Vancouver’s tallest trees, set 15 feet above the forest floor.  These spheres can withstand the winter and the weather.  Theses spheres are heated in the winter.  They are fully wired so you are able to use electronics if needed.  The spheres go for about $150-230 per night.  In my eyes this would be a cool stay but the prices seem a little extreme.

There are more scenic activities that you can participate in such as those mentioned in th Zip, Zip and Away article.  There are some amazing tours that you are able to be part of, for example going on 6-8 different zip lines in Newfoundland.  You are able to zip line over a 200 foot water fall.  If you are one of those people who don’t like being off the ground there are a number of other ways to get around.  The other ways you can get around are snow shoe, ice climbing, snow kite and cross country skiing.  This could be a different way of becoming more of an outdoors kind of person. 

They last part of this article is Surfs up out East.  This article talked about surfing in the winter.  This started in the 1960’s and has only grown from there.  On the east coast there is 7500 kilometres of coast line that is used.  There is 100 pristine beaches that have been used for winter surfing.  One of the best spots is at White Point Beach in the Halifax area.  These waters produce powerful tides and create an awesome time for everyone.  There is only one way you can enjoy the experience and to do that is to dress properly.  When you think of winter it usually says cold, but the water temperature is 0 to 4 degrees Celsius.  This would be an awesome way to spend a day there may be a way to stop surfing in the freezing cold.

Although there are many activities that are rarely seen there are not many done in the winter.  This is a way to become more active during the winter season.

Martina Striteski. “Wild Winter Weekend Getaways” Fusion Life (winter issue) (Date N/A) Page 125-127

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