Friday, April 20, 2012

Trail Running Anywhere, Anytime-Dave McMahon

Rating ****

Trail Running Anywhere, Anytime is a great article that opens your mind up to new ideas about personal fitness. It is very positive article and has even inspired me to try it out. 

The article is about a unique type of running called Trail Running, which means you run through the forest and on different trails instead of the usual sidewalks or streets. The article convinces you to try out trail running, as it explains all the positive effects trail running has on your body and everything it teaches you about personal and mental fitness. It gives you the best tips on trail running and how to best prepare for it.
This article has had a very positive effect on me and has inspired me to try trail running. I love being physically active and achieving the best things for my body and fitness level. This article includes many examples of positive things trail running does for your body, such as running techniques, boosts your range of cardiovascular zones, and coordination. It convinces you that trail running is an all around great thing for your personal health.  

I would highly recommend this article and also trail running itself.

McMahon, Dave. Trail Running Anytime, Anywhere. Ottawa Outdoors Magazine. Summer/Fall 2009. 

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