Wednesday, April 11, 2012

What to do if you see a cougar By Ian Merringer

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Cougar's were thought to have been eliminated from the Ontario region, although recently they have been spotted in many parts of southern Ontario. It is believed that they may have migrated from Manitoba. Some say cougar's are harmless animals and that they were once domestic pets but even so it is good to know what to do if you are encountered by a cougar.

The first thing to do is to make yourself look big. Open up your jacket, stand tall, and start flapping your arms. This will cause the cougar to be more scared of you then you are of him. Start yelling and use anything around you as a weapon of some sort.

Unlike if you were encountered by a bear, keep strong eye contact with the cougar. If the cougar were to attack, protect your head and neck with one arm and use the other to defend yourself with the other. The author clearly states that it is important to defend yourself in this situation and to "discourage its appetite."

In the rare case of even seeing this animal because the are typically very shy, it is good to know what to do and how to protect yourself from a deadly attack. This is a great piece of information to know about because you never know when you could encounter a wild animal, like a cougar.

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