Monday, April 16, 2012

Work isn’t everything

Rating ***

This article is an easy read with a good lesson to it. As we get other responsibilities start to pile up and the author doesn’t realize when he gave up having fun. He forgot about the joys of biking or hiking or roller skating and wants them back. This article teaches us a lesson that no one should forget.

He explains how as he got older, somewhere along the way his bike stopped getting taken off the wall and how the only push ups he could do were pushes away from his desk to go get another coffee. He needed to remember the important things and the things he enjoyed in his life like family and the outdoors.

I enjoyed this article because it is a lesson we all can appreciate as we grow older we need to not forget about the things that we enjoy. Of course we still need to work hard and pay bills and such, but we still need to make time for the little things and people seem to forget this.

Work isn’t everything, Anthony Snippe, Ottawa Outdoors, Spring/ Summer 2009

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