Monday, April 16, 2012

Getting into the swing of hammock camping

Rating: ***

This is an interesting article for the avid camper. It caught and kept my attention by the interesting topic and intriguing pictures. I just had to read on see what they had to say on the topic on hammock camping. I myself prefer to camp in tents, as do most other people, but after this interesting article it has me considering another alternative.

The article goes into detail about the history and benefits of hammock camping. Dave Brown, the author of the article, stresses strongly on falsified myths that have been passed around over the years. He portrays hammock camping in a light that I haven’t seen before and really opened my eyes to its benefits. How hammocks are comfortable, suspended on a cushion of air contrary to Mother Nature’s rough turf and how it does not give you discomforts of a tent. He explains the benefits of camping with a hammock, the structure of a hammock and how it has improved over the years, and how it is beneficial to the environment with mantra of ‘leave no trace’ in mind.

I enjoyed this article because it enlightened me to a new form of camping that I might like to try in the future. It gave me a new perspective on hammocks and there benefits. I would recommend this article to anyone willing to try a new form of camping!

Getting into the swing of hammock camping, Dave Brown, Ottawa Outdoors, Fall 2012

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