Thursday, May 31, 2012

Green and Blue Assets by Moira Farr

Rating: **
I found this article to be interesting and informative. In this article, the author describes all the natural beauty within our city. In order to be submerged in nature, you need only walk 5km in any direction. She rebuts the opinion of people who insist Ottawa must become an urban jungle in order to be classified as a world class city such as London or Paris. Some people think that in order to become a world class city we must increase urban development which means sacrificing our wildlife and their habitats. The author argues that if giving up the title "world class city" is the sacrifice we must make in order to maintain our proximity to nature, then so be it.
This article has opened my eyes to the impending urbanization of our beautiful city. I strongly agree with the author, that I would rather live in a city full of nature and wildlife, than a bland city of concrete and buildings with the title "world class".
Farr, Moira. "Green and Blue Assets". Canadian Geographic. October 2011.

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