Friday, June 1, 2012

The outdoors is hinting-slow down

By: Allen McCartney rating *** This article discusses how our society has became dependent on multitasking in every corner of our lives. Constantly multitasking and the adrenalin that goes with it takes away our ability to just enjoy the tranquility of nature. Leaving us with the advice that when you take an outdoor trip try to calm down with slow breathing or calm music in order to rid yourself of any lingering stress. Allowing you truly linger in the moment and enjoy your trip so that you come home with serenity instead of feeling spent and bruised. I found this to be an interesting article because a lot of what it said made a lot of sense, we live in a society where we are consumed by multitasking in our high stress lives, which makes it difficult to relax and enjoy the moment. His advice on how relax so that you are not carrying your stress and worry made a lot of sense. Since it does solve a real problem, how do we get rid of our excess stress. I would recommend this article to anyone who leads a stressed life and has a hard time letting it go in the outdoors. Ottawa Outdoors, Allen McCartney, summer/fall 2010, Dave Brown, Roger Bird, pg 25

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