Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Green camping is an idea whose time has come

By: Craig Macartney This article talks about a new craze called green camping, brought about by the amount of garbage in many campsites. The idea is to camp while leaving behind the minimal environmental footprint. To do this we should not take a camper or R, instead just take a tent, which will be more environmentally friendly. Before going on to discuss various other ways that we can be more environmentally friendly when we are camping. I found this article to be very informative on how to minimize our environmental impact while camping. Which deals with a a very real issue when we consider the amount of garbage that can really take away our enjoyment of being in the outdoors. Making the easy steps it described that result in leaving behind a nicer campsite very interesting, and an important skill more people should learn. I would recommend this article to any new or existing campers interested in leaving behind a smaller environmental footprint. Marcartney Craig, Summer/Fall 2010, Green camping is an idea whose time has come, Dave Brown, Roger Bird, pg 10

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