Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Outdoor Resource - Canadian Geographic

Canadian Geographic

Rating: ****

Canadian Geographic is one of Canada’s nation wide magazine/website that offers viewers to see and read about some of Canadians experiences out in Canada’s (our) backyard. From mapping, to viewing everything across the country, Canadian Geographic offers everyone with a chance to observe the different outdoor views from all over Canada. With this resource, you can read about many different stories from around Canada as people share their experiences from the northern to southern and eastern to western provinces. It offers to conserve different areas of Canada, different national and provincial parks that you can visit, the history of how some of Canada’s landmarks came to be and different resources you can use for different activities.

Canadian Geographic is one the most informative magazines about the outdoors due to its the nation wide attribute. With its various range of authors from across Canada, Canadian Geographic can provide its readers, both young and old, with more information about each provinces nature preserves, appearances and different peoples experiences out on their own adventures.

Canadian Geographic is a great magazine/website that provides a lot of information about Canada’s outdoors. I think this magazine would be a great outdoor education resource due to the amount of information and stories it gives to the people about Canada’s Outdoors.

(You can obtain a Canadian Geographic magazine at any local convenience store, or subscribe to their magazine online at

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