Sunday, May 27, 2012

The latest stuff in camping gear- By Cooper Mears
Rating *****
I am not usually someone who goes hiking because I can never figure out what I don’t need and what I truly need. But this article “ the latest stuff in camping gear” really helped me figure out what I need to bring if I ever want to go hiking.
The article gave me 9 new camping gear that everybody needs. It talked about a therm-a-rest expedition mattress($95 that is lighter and more comfortable then other matts and it also gave the price of it, if you ever wanted to buy it. It also talked about a MSR MIOX purifier($170) that was very small and allowed more space in your bag while still being very effective in killing bacteria in your drinking water. It even comes with test strips to ensure your water is drinkable. Their was also a Nalgene N-Gen Bottle($10) that was very light and durable. A Anodized boiler($25) that was a three piece set that is versatile and was made of non-stick hardened aluminum. Primus Litech Kettle($25) that is very light and can boil up to a liter of water and is dedicated for hot beverages. The article also talked about an adventure medical kits Ultralight first-aid kit($20, $30 and $45) it talks about all the three different sizes it comes in that are all small enough to fit in your bag and is in a water proof bag that keeps your medical kit dry so you can effectively treat cuts, burns, insect bites, and bruises which I found was really neat to know. It also talked about a Buck summit multi tool($100) that had everything from locking serrated blade, a screwdriver, a can opener, and a corkscrew. It even comes with a clip so you can put it on your pants for easy reach when you need it. Brunton Liberty lantern( $165) which gives an 80 watt light for more then 6 hours on one butane canister, and works in any weather conditions. Last but not least a Robbins high ridgetrail zip off pants($95) a very versatile quick drying pants that provides extra space and when it gets too warm you can zip off the legs to turn them into shorts.
This article really got me thinking on what I truly need on a camping trip to survive and also it has changed the way I see camping because I used to think it was easy but now from seeing the stuff you need I realize that it’s not a walk in a park or should I say hike in a park. It has inspired me to go camping the right way and I hope I will succeed.
I definitely recommend this article to everybody and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. 
Canada’s outdoor magazine explore. Cooper Mears, May 24 issue 126, The latest stuff in camping gear.

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