Saturday, May 26, 2012

Outdoor Education Resource-Indian Herbalogy of North America

Rating: *****
This book includes almost every plant you can think of that you could find in North America. Not only does it have all these plants, trees, bushes, and weeds, but it also contains their medicinal properties, both internal and external, how to prepare them, their modern uses, and what kind of nutrients they have.
The amount of knowledge in this book is probably well over 10 years of study, research and use of all these plants. I’ve learned things about the most annoying little plants you can find, Dandelions. Turns out, their leaves are seven times healthier than lettuce. Mint leaves relieve headaches. Maple leaves can act as a tonic and strengthen the body. Parts of chestnut trees can relieve coughing, hiccoughs and act as a mild sedative. This book contains knowledge needed for anything. I’ve had dandelion leaves before, and it doesn’t take much to fill you up, much less than lettuce, and they are lighter so you don’t get weighed down as much. I’ve made maple leaf tea and it is amazing and I felt incredible.
If you spend time outdoors in the wilderness, this book could save a life, make a salad, heal and prevent ulcers, and aid in the healing process of tumors. Yes, the ones made from cancer. I not only encourage reading this book, but I also encourage trying a few of these out for yourselves.

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