Saturday, May 26, 2012

Let the Environment Guide Our Development

Rating: *****
This TED talk by Johan Rockstrom is about the danger of our current predicaments and behaviours, like over fishing, pollution, soil degradation, fresh water use and more. He links these things to dramatic and devastating effects of climate change, Nitrogen cycles, human growth, loss of ecosystems, etc.
This unnerving realization of how close our planet is to devastation can only be seen in one light, true. Johan gives examples of things that are happening, and how long they’ve been happening. Things like climate change have been going on for almost 80 years now, it’s only just picking up now, and it will get worse.
He shows that we can be productive and stay within the boundaries of safety for our planet by merely making a continued effort, and by the look of his graphs and stats, it should only take, at the most 20 years. This would be enormously advantageous for the human race if we make the concentrated effort Johan says is possible.
Everyone would benefit to watching this TED talk just once. If people acted on this TED talk, the world will change for the better. Watch that TED talk.

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