Thursday, June 14, 2012

16 Ways To Take Your Boating To The Next Level- Michael Mechan

Rating: ***

This read was easy to understand because the headings of each new step ensured complete comprehension of the recommendations to be a better paddler.

The article is a guide to new kayakers or any level of kayaker, as to what to do to improve your skill. it suggests ideas such as knowing your own safety, to try a new river, or a new course. It also offers options like finding your own paths down the river, and even how to stop from paddling too hard, that would normally cause you to tire. Another tip they give is to paddle with better paddlers than you.

I really enjoyed the read because even as a non-paddler, I understood most of the tips, and while some of the terms they used were foreign to me, I was able to grasp the main idea.

I highly recommend this article to beginner paddlers, as well as the students in my outdoor education as we will be going on a paddling trip in the upcoming month.

Mechan, Michael. 16 Ways To Take Your Boating To The Next Level. Rapid Magazine. Spring 2012

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