Thursday, June 14, 2012

Dam Issues- Steve Galea

Rating **

This article was an easy read, but at times it added a lot of short forms for all of the different companies which was hard to follow.

  This article talks about the proposed dam that will be built by Xeneca Power Development Inc. on the Petawawa River and how it will lead to problems for the kayakers and the fishing areas. The reason for this new proposed dam is for the Green Energy Act providing power from renewable resources. The spokesperson of the Xeneca Power Development Inc. said that before anything is done, there will be studies on the underwater ecosystems as well as the surrounding areas around the water. The problem that surrounds this new idea for a dam will greatly decrease the flow downstream, changing one of the premier kayaking locations in North America, as well as changing the ecosystem for the sturgeon fish.

I did not enjoy this article very much because I am not very interested in fishing, as well as the sturgeon fish. I do like to be informed though as to what is happening throughout Ontario. I am also not kayaking often enough to really let these facts affect me.

This article is informative, and I recommend it for readers who enjoy the fishing sport, as well as kayakers who often go on the Petawawa River.

Galea,Steve.Dam Issues.Ontario Out of Doors.April 2011

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