Monday, June 18, 2012

Clean Commute

Clean Commute: Canada’s largest cities are paving the way for more eco-conscious commuting choices
Fraser Los

Rating: ***

            With the information that is provided by Fraser Los really caught my attention while reading this article. I was surprised to learn that it is estimated that with the population rate of today, in 2031 the population of Toronto alone is supposed to be an estimated 31 million.
            In this article the author, Fraser Los, introduces us to a new way to keep our country green and clean. He introduces us to the idea of the “mobility hub” a safe place where cars bikes and other modes of transportation can cleanly and safely cross.
            This article really is intriguing but also a long two pages. I recommend it to those who are interested in what they can do to make our country cleaner. This article deserved only three stars, even though it was packed with information, there was plenty of it that maybe was unnecessary for what the author was trying to prove.  

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