Sunday, June 3, 2012

Fishing Guide Nightmares: Behind the Scenes of Renting a Fish House

By: Josh Hagemeister

Rating: *** (out of five)

This article was the behind the scenes look at what it takes to set up a rent-an-ice-fishing-hut for the season, and why a fifteen minute inconvenience isn’t really all that much of a big deal.

It out-lined all the work it takes to make an operation like that function. These places are offering a fully functional house away from home for the weekend, that is heated, fully equipped tackle boxes, and placed on a sure-to-catch spot, tags pre-included.

I liked this article because the author shined a light on all the work it takes to give you this simple weekend experience. From making sure you don’t get frozen to the river during a blizzard to assuring that the “fish house leeches” don’t disturb your weekend or impede on your fishing quota. It is a long and hard process that starts as soon as the summer ends and it only finishes when the ice is too thin to be on. There are so many factors that the staff has to deal with one of which is the weather, which can change from great to horrible in the blink of an eye.

This article was one that made you think twice about what goes on for something that seems to easy on the outside, and a reminder to say thank you instead of sighing and rolling your eyes at the “inconvenience.” I would recommend this article to anyone with the slightest interest in opening their eyes to something new.          

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