Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Getting into the swing of hammock camping By Dave Brown
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This article describes the benefit of sleeping in a hammock while camping as opposed to sleeping in a tent. Apparently sleeping in a hammock is orthopedic for your body after hiking or sitting in a canoe for hours during the day. You may raise your feet up in a suspended position to reduce the swelling in your feet. You have many options when sleeping in a hammock that you can't have sleeping in a tent. Now every area on the campsite is a good place to sleep because your not just handicapped to one or two spots which may even be on a slope. No longer will you have to worry about rocks,roots, poison ivy, dampness and many other uncomfortable feelings when waking up/sleeping in a tent. Most people think of hammocks as being very unsteady and sways a lot but hammocks have changed and developed into a very firm platform. Hammocks are also less costly, just around a hundred dollars and they are much better at leave no trace principles than tents. For a tent you must dig up an area , while a hammock is above the ground and if you use proper rope you won't injure a trees bark. Hammocks seem to have many benefits so in a few yeas I may change myself to a hammock camper.

Ottawa Outdoors Page 5-7

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