Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Seafood Crisis by Paul Greenberg

rating: ***

This article is all about the dwindling threat of the extinction of many fish and aquatic species due to overfishing. There is just too many people with their hooks in the water.

Major industral fishing companies across the world are leadin to a sever decline in our fish population. Not only are they polluting the water by dumping their waste, but they are affecting habitats and wildlife throughout the oceans. Each year fishing companies remove 170 billion pounds of fish and wildlife from the worlds oceans. At this rate we could be looking at a worldwide fisheries collapse in the not to distant future.

This article has informed me of yet another crisis in relation to our oceans. I think that people, and fishing companies need to be more aware of the impact they are having on wildlife in the ocean. They need to start looking ahead and seeing what kind of struggles future generations will have if they continue on this overfishing epidemic.

Greenberg, Paul. "Seafood Crisis". National Geographic, 2012.

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