Monday, June 18, 2012

Hiking and Camping in the UK: Where to Go and What to Expect

Hiking and Camping in the UK: Where to Go and What to Expect 
Jennifer Williamson

Rating: ***

            This article written by Jennifer Williamson is very informing if you are ever camping in the UK. She goes through various things that are needed and that you will experience when you camp in the outdoors of Brittan.
            The subjects that she touches in this article range from, the private property that you will cross, the livestock you will encounter, the other campers, and the country code of camping. The code set in the 1930’s consist of • Plan ahead for your trip and obey all signs.
• Leave gates and property the way you found them.
• Respect plants and animals. Pack out all your litter.
• Keep your dog leashed at all times.
• Be very careful with fire. 
• Be considerate of others.
            I gave this article a three star rating because I do not feel it gave me enough information or the right information needed to camp properly in the UK. I would recommend this article though to those who are interested in back packing in the UK.

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