Monday, June 18, 2012

Nathan Wolf: What’s left to explore.

Nathan Wolf: What’s left to explore.
February 2012

Rating: ****

            The Ted talk that I chose to watch was far from what I was expecting. When I read the title “What’s left to explore” I assumed it was uncharted territory, like space or the ocean. The speaker Nathan Wolf began his lecture explaining all the land that we have discovered, and how little space we have left.
            Wolf shared with us how he came up with this subject, from a middle school girl simply asking him, well, what is next? That question got him thinking, and he came up with this answer. Today there are still millions of things left to be discovered, but not all of it has to do with land and territory. He spoke about all of the different genotypes and different viruses that are still left a mystery today. Nathan Wolf explained that in the mucus sample of someone who has a simple influenza, is still 20% of unknown genotypes. The unknown genotypes are now known as “biological dark matter” and in an average persons gut, there is still 50%-60% of dark matter.
            I found this Ted talk very informing and very interesting, therefore deserving a four star rating. I recommend this video for those who find interest in biology and for those who are looking to discover new things. Wolf ended his lecture with “There are unknowns all around us, waiting to be discovered.”

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