Saturday, June 2, 2012

Outdoor Ed Resource: Ecology Ottawa

Ecology Ottawa is an organization dedicated to Ottawa's environmental issues. This organization leads and supports the citizens of Ottawa in initiatives and campaigns to push Ottawa's leaders to focus on and help the environment. For example, they are currently trying to encourage Ottawa's MPs to make sure that there is funding for the Ottawa River Action Plan (one of the main focuses of this plan is to stop the large amount of sewage being dumped into the river). There is a petition supporting this on the Ecology Ottawa website (you can sign it here if you want to).
Ecology Ottawa would be a beneficial resource for our class because being environmentally conscious is important in all of the activities that we do. There are many great environmental resources and organizations, but since this one is completely focused in Ottawa, it is something that could actually help us specifically. With all of the canoeing that we do, it would be really great if we weren't paddling in sewage.

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