Friday, June 1, 2012

Article Assignment

Whistler, in a class of its own!-Monyse Bélisle

Rating: ****

Whistler, British Colombia, is a world renowned ski resort. It is such an incredible place and the article Whistler, in a class of its own, tells you all the great things to know about it. 

This article does not only tell you the great things about the ski hills, the good runs to take, and hill suggestions for your level of skiing but it also tells you everything about the rest of this beautiful resort. It gives you information on the fun activities to do after skiing, best restaurants in the village, and where to find your best deals. Overall this article gives you all the insider information on how to have the best time in beautiful Whistler BC.

I am visiting Whistler next winter for the first time. This article not only gave me great information about the finest restaurants to visit, the best activities around the village, and the ski hills that suit my level of skiing, but it also got me so excited hearing about what a fun and magnificent place it is.   

I would highly recommend you read this article before visiting Whistler.

Monyse Bélisle. Whistler, in a class of its own!.Gendronski. October 2011.

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