Saturday, June 9, 2012

Sports Injury Prevention: When is an ache officially a pain?

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This article interested me because it sounded like it would be a good thing to know. I play a couple sports and knowing when an ache becomes a pain could be very helpful.
                “If you listen to the whispers you will never have to hear the screams”- Percy Cerutty. This article is about listening to what your body is trying to tell you by looking out for the early warning signs and taking sports injury prevention seriously. The author talks about how if you take injury prevention seriously then you will need to re-evaluate your training program, recovery period, attitude, nutritional intake, and technique. It is important to make sure your training program isn’t too intense, you’re allowing enough time for recovery and relaxation, you are eating the right foods that allow your body to rebuild and repair, and your attitude is not too competitive.
                This article will defiantly make me rethink when I have an ache to rest up a bit because as the writer said: “What if that minor irritation suddenly becomes an intense pain of a career ending injury? I bet we wished we had listened then!”. I can get very competitive when I’m playing certain sports and I tend to push myself a lot but now reading this article I know that I do need to take precautions to make sure I prevent injury.
                I think this is a great article because it is an important topic. If you play sports or do any physical activity, you should be informed about these precautions so your ache doesn’t turn into a serious pain.
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