Saturday, June 9, 2012

What Makes A Great Trail? – By Mike Chang

Rating: ****
“What makes a great trail?” was the question asked to Vancouver Trails. Vancouver Trails is an online resource for hikers in Vancouver. They have a list of trails to look through each ranging in distance, level, terrain, and region. The website also has a discussion section, a regional map, contests, photos, and hiking safety tips.
There are many different elements combined to make up a great hike/trail and the first one being (according to Vancouver Trails) it must have a breathtaking view or some sort of incredible scenery. This is key because being able to see the natural beauty of the environment that you wouldn’t normally see is what inspires most people to go hiking. The second element of a great trail is a variety of terrain. For example a good trail could cross creeks, have uphill and downhill sections, pass through meadows and have you wondering about what is to come around the next corner. Without the change of terrain, the hike could become very boring and less enjoyable. The third aspect of a great trail is that it is not too busy. Mike Chang says that hiking is much more enjoyable when you are away from crowds of people. Some ways to avoid big groups of people is to go during weekdays and avoid going on long weekends. The last element of a great trail is that it’s a challenge. “The combination of being outdoors, breathing in fresh air, and hearing the relaxing sounds of nature can be much more enjoyable than working out at the gym.”
This article has made me think about our hiking trip to Frontenac Park and how it had all four of the elements of a great trail.  It had many different spots with beautiful scenery, defiantly a variety of things like uphill, downhill, and bridges, wasn’t busy because the only people we saw was our class, and last, the hike was an unquestionable challenge.
I recommend this article and website to anyone who is interested in hiking and what to look for in a great trail.
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