Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Surfing and Yoga
Article Number 2
By Janic Barrington
Author Unknown
Rating- Excellent

Sometimes the difference between a good day and bad day of surfing has everything to do with your emotional mind state. Balance, coordination, and flexibility are also things you need in surfing. Yoga not only helps with your physical strength and flexibility but it helps with your mental state as well. Yoga helps on a mental level to help you focus and gain emotional strength which inevitably will help you focus and concentrate while riding big waves. Yoga also helps with your stamina and coordination. This means that if you practice yoga as well as surf everyday you will be able to surf longer and, with more energy.

This article has helped me to realize how useful yoga is not only for a surfer but in general. I plan on starting yoga classes this summer as I used to do in Florida. I personally have never been affected by my emotions while surfing. I use surfing as an escape from all the stress and emotions that come from school, family, and friends. I'm sure some professional surfers do let their nerves get to them and I'm positive that if they started doing yoga regularly it would help a lot. When I move back to Florida after high school I plan on using this information to help me with my surfing and to keep doing yoga regularly for the rest of my life. I enjoyed reading this article and I actually learned somthing valuable.

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