Wednesday, June 13, 2012

What’s in your survival pack?- Allen Macartney

Rating: ***

This article is very informing on what to have, and even what not to have in a survival kit. Especially when doing any kind of activities that have a risk of you being lost for hours, maybe even days on end.

When packing a survival pack, you should first realize the conditions (ex. summer or winter) and how long it might be that you’ll need it for. You should definitely leave all chocolate and other candies behind, because any fit person can go several weeks without any food. The three most important things to remember when constructing a survival pack are shelter, water, and warmth (generally from fire). Carry small things that will help you with keeping those three things and you’ll be fine.

It has definitely made me think about what to bring on the upcoming hiking trip, and even what to leave behind. It has put everything into prospective on how easy it could be just to get lost in the woods.

Macartney, Allen. “What’s in your survival pack?” Ottawa Outdoors, Summer/Fall 2011. Print.

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