Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Winter Safety in the Mountains

Winter Safety in the Mountains – Pursue the Outdoors

Rating: ***

Hiking in the mountains in the winter would be a very cool experience I am sure, but you would have to prepare and make sure you have everything you need first. It may be an interesting experience, but it can be dangerous and you dont want anything bad to happen.

This article is about winter safety in the mountains. The writer talked about seven tips for making your trip a safe and enjoyable experience. The five tips were check the weather report, proper clothing and equiptment, route planning, food and drinks, be aware, first aid, and emergencies. To go on a winter hike like this one, you need to be prepared and know what you're doing.

This article was very interesting. If I am ever to do something like this, I will know what to do and how to be prepared. It made me think about what could happen if the hiker didn't have enough food, or they got lost. It could end very badly, and thats why its very important to be prepared. If something bad happened, like if they got lost and injured, it would be very helpful to have a first aid kid, and possibly a satellite phone.

I recommend this to people who enjoy hiking, or someone who may want to try hiking.

“Winter Safety in the Mountains”. Pursue the Outdoors. November, 2004. Link:

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