Wednesday, June 13, 2012

No Such Thing as Safe Ice, Only Safer Ice

No Such Thing as Safe Ice, Only Safer Ice – Pursue the Outdoors

Rating: ***

If you ever decide you want to go ice fishing, you should prepare for falling through the ice. It wont necessarily happen, but you want to be prepared for if it does. There are many things you should do or know before going ice fishing.

This article is about ice fishing, and how to be prepared for a bad situation. The person who wrote the article, talks about different things you should bring, things you should know, and things you shouldn't do. Some of the things you should know are there should be at least 4 in. of ice if you are traveling by foot. Another thing is to wear a life jacket under your winter gear, so if you fall in you will float, and also for extra heat. Another thing would be to keep ice picks with you, so if you fall in you can get out. But dont stand up when you get out, roll until you know you are on solid ice.

This article made me think about what could happen. You could fall in and you may not be able to get out, unless you have ice picks. And what if you get out, but you are injured and you dont have a phone? Or the phone got wet? There are many bad things that could happen, and its best to be prepared for all of the situations. If I am ever to go ice fishing, I will know what to do.

I suggest this article to people who ice fish, or have never done it before and would like to try it.

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