Thursday, September 27, 2012

Rattle Those Pots And Pans

Rattle Those Pots and Pans
By Heather Burke

Rating:  ****

This article written by Heather Burke demonstrates how to approach potentially dangerous situations with bears, specifically the black bear. More specifically, this article illustrates how to enjoy the outdoors in a safe manner without coming across unwanted visitors.  

The topics the author illustrates ranges from how to avoid a bear encounter altogether, to tips and tricks on how to defend yourself in the rare case you come across a charging bear during one of your hiking, camping, or mountain biking trips. The article is very thorough on the habits of the black bear including their diet, their homes, and their bluffing techniques used in battle; all which can be avoided if you look for the right signs on the path of one of your trips. An individual who is camping will find this article useful when picking their campsite, storing their equipment, and stashing their food. Anyone who is not an expert on bear encounters would most likely find this article useful, as the author separates the conflicting information our society has been given on how to face a charging bear. Many people do not realise that different techniques are needed for different kinds of bears, or that an individual must be aware of what stance the bear has taken in order to know how to react.

I gave this article four stars because I believe that it’s information is useful to even the most experienced campers. Also, Algonquin Park’s most dominate bear species is the black bear, which is conveniently what this article is about. This article has also contributed to my confidence as I do not want to be mauled by a bear on my first camping trip.

 Burke, Heather. “Rattle Those Pots and Pans”. Ottawa Outdoors Magazine. Online. September 27, 2012.  

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