Friday, September 28, 2012

Clothing Layers For Winter Sports- Aurora LaJambre

Rating: ***

It is always important to stay warm in winter, but it is just as important to not get too hot and start sweating. That is because sweat gets just as cold as being dumped in water after a while out in the cold.

This article understands that and gives many good tips and a helpful summary of the proper way to dress for the outdoors in the winter. She compares those old big one piece winter suits you wore as a kid to the more appropriate ways of dressing. This includes wearing layers to keep your body at the right temperature no matter how hot you are. The article also describes what should be worn as a outer, mid, inner, and base layer and what the objective of each one.

Learning these things has made me think twice about what I should be wearing out in the cold. It’s made me think about how so many people get cold from their sweat cooling down in their big one layer jackets. Instead they could be able to chose what temperature they are by having the freedom of taking off and putting on different layers. Knowing this will most defiantly make me layer up and stay warm in our net outdoor trips.

This article has lots of important tips and knowledge for anyone going out in the cold this winter. I recommend it to anyone wanting to stay warm.

LaJambre, Aurora. "Clothing layers for winter sports" 23 Sept 2012 <>.

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