Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Banish The Blisters – Eric Martinat
Rating ****

Banish The Blisters is an interesting and very informative article.  It is very easy to understand and you would probably learn a lot from reading it.

This article helps you understand three key points to prevent blisters on your feet.  The article displays this as "the blister triangle".  On each side of the triangle there is a factor for developing a blister.  They are:  heat, moisture and friction.  After explaining this, the author then explains how to prevent blisters.  He mentions key techniques and tips for preventing blisters, such as breaking in new shoes before a hike, or wearing socks made of polypropylene to prevent moisture.  He then explains how to watch out for heat spots on your feet because that is usually an indication of a blister.  If you unfortunately do get a blister, the author also explains treatment.  He strongly advises washing your hands and then washing around the blister on your foot.  Next he says to puncture the blister with a sterile needle and remove all the liquid but do not remove any loose skin.  Finally, apply a bandage to protect the blister.  This will greatly reduce pain and speed up the healing process.

I enjoyed this article because it was not only interesting but I learned valuable skills from it as well.  It teaches you what not to do and what to do when dealing with blisters.  Following this advice will make my future hikes more enjoyable if I encounter a blister. 

I recommend you read this article before your next hike because you never know when you will need this valuable information.

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