Monday, October 22, 2012

Article assignment 1

rating ****                       Matthew Bell

Canadian winters can be cold and unpleasant, and dressing improperly or using the wrong layering techniques can even make cold winter days dangerous during winter activities. This article "Clothing Layers for Winter Sports" explains everything you need to know about snowy outings.

The basics of winter layering were given in this article, teaching us how to prepare for winter sports such as snow shoeing or skiing. You require at least 3 different layers if you want to be completely protected from the cold. The article went into deep detail about the inner layer, the mid layer and the outer layer, with easy to follow steps.

This article relates to me because during the winter I do a lot of skiing and other outdoor activities. This information will also come in handy for our class outings in the cold. Now I am confident that I will be prepared for next time. In conclusion, this article was very educational. It teaches how to avoid the risks and what clothing is required to safely dress to be protected from the elements when going out into cold weather while doing winter sports and activities.

Aurora Lajambre, "Base layers are key to enjoying your favourite winter sports", October 22, Info Library.

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