Thursday, October 4, 2012

Cleaning Lost Canoe Routes -Mark Vankooy

Cleaning Lost Canoe Routes

By: Mark Vankooy


This article is about a book published by Kevin Callan. Lost Canoe Routes is a book urging paddlers to go out and find those routes that were abandoned by provincial and ministry budget cuts.  The author then goes on to write how Kevin approached him at his workplace, Mountain Equipment Co-op , asking for his help to clean and re-open these lost canoe trail.

Him and his team at MEC agreed wholehearted, and decided to clean at least two routes a year, including cleaning up campsites, putting in new fire pits, clearing up portage trails, and removing garbage. They decided to do this through their Social and Environmental Responsibility Program. So far they've cleaned up twenty two sites and plan to do many more!

I enjoyed this article and urge people to read it so they become aware of the time and work it takes to clean up these sites and to hopefully think next time and pack it in and take it out, instead of leaving their trash to sit and taint the beauty of the parks. This article is opening the eyes of the readers to new paddling routes and with the users help we can maintain these once lost treasures of Ontario.

VanKooy, Mark. "Cleaning Lost Canoe Routes." Ottawa Outdoors Magazine. 2012. Web.

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