Friday, October 5, 2012

Article #1 - Matt Carter

Adventure School: MTB - How to Rock and Roll -- (no author listed)
Navigating rock gardens while mountain biking can be difficult and dangerous, which is why reading this article could prove useful.
The article explains the technique behind mountain biking across rock gardens (a feild of larger rocks).  The article says that biking through these rock gardens comes down to six steps.  1, approach, analyse the patch of rocks, determinng the the route that appears the safest. 2, entry, reminding you to keep momentum, but not to speed in to avoid accidents.  3, stance, the article insists that changing body position and shifting weight can be key when moving across uneven and rocky surfaces. 4, gear selection, select a gear that suits the situation.  5, hold on to your horse, grip the handle bars tightly and prepare yourself.  6, stick to the plan and relax.
Reading this article gave me some great tips on mountain biking, a skill that i am not particularly great at.  Now that I know the proper technique behind navigating rock gardens, I am much less likely to injure myself should I come across one.  It could prove to be very helpful.

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