Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Dress Right for Winter Running (article 2)

Dress Right for Winter Running by Michael Stashin
Rating: ***
            This article hooked me as soon as I read the title. This is because I, along with most others, do not enjoy the cold winter weather.
            Dress Right for Winter Running by Michael Stashin is a descriptive and informative article about running outdoors in the winter, as you may have assumed from the title. It goes into detail of recommended clothing and layers to wear for each area of your body, including under garments, hats, torso, legs, feet and even your neck.
            Once again, I was hooked after reading the title. I was so unaware of the differences between seasonal runnings! At first thought I assumed “Well, its winter, so I should just throw on a sweater and sweat pants”. However, if I had done that I probably would have frozen or caught frost bite on at least one area of my body. I enjoyed this article because I am now more understanding of the winter weather and how to protect my body from the icy winds and sheer cold of the air.
            If you are someone who would like to know more about how to stay warm outdoors while being active during the winter, I recommend checking out this article. It was worth it for me, and will most likely be worth it for you.

Stashin, Michael. “Dressing Right for Winter Running”. Ottawa Outdoors. 2009. Print.

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