Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The New Ocean Order

The New Ocean Order

By Conor Mihell

Rating: ***

This article is about a group of sea kayakers who call themselves the Hurricane Riders. Rowan Gloag is part of this group, and the sport is explained as being extremely intense and exerting.

The Hurrican Riders are a popular group who post videos on Youtube, and take pleasure in pushing themselves to their limits every day. These kayakers are much more daring than others, as they tend to kayak in intense rapids and through massive sea waves, but none of them expected to be making videos for Youtube. Originally, they recorded themselves because they were interested in seeing what they looked like while they were kayaking, but eventually they built helmet cams and began recording for the breathtaking stunts that they would perform.

I think that sea kayaking sounds extremely appealing, as I enjoy kayaking on my lake at my cottage, so I think that I would try this sport if i had the oppotunity. As for the article, I think that anybody who enjoys canoeing or kayaking should read it because it gives you an insight on different ways that the activity of kayaking is done. It is an intersting article and after reading it I would look at the Hurricane Riders videos on Youtube.

Mihell. Conor. "The New Ocean Order" Explore: Canada's Outdoor Magazine. (July/August 2010): Pg. 16

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