Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Foggy Notions

Foggy Notions: six solutions for staying on course in the soup By: Conor Mihell


     This article explains 6 simple rules one should follow while kayaking to avoid getting lost when visibility is next to zero.

     The 6 rules this article speaks of are: 1. Measure the distance between you and your target with a compass as well as the time it should take you to paddle there. 2. Aim off of your intended target to account for wind direction, current, and the possibility of actually screwing up. 3. Use a deck-mounted compass rather than a GPS as it is hands free operation is second to none in conditions of low visibility. 4. Travel in a group, with the leader following the course of the compass while the paddler at the rear confirms its direction. 5. Carry a radio to inform other boats of your location should you cross heavily traveled bodies of water. 6. Travel close to land, as it will prove useful in avoiding getting lost. With these 6 rules, traveling through foggy conditions should feel far less stressful or dangerous to any kayaker.

     I found this article to be quite informative and a must-see for experienced paddlers. Even though it may seem quite straightforward and easy to follow, the information this article brings will prove invaluable when the time comes.

By: Ryan Best

"Foggy Notions" Mihell, Conor; Adventure Kayak; Spring 2012; Print

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  1. Great article. This is how we won some of our adventure races.

    Same feedback as last article, author's name 1st in the citation.