Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Understanding Risk

Understanding Risk: use your head, not just your helmet By: Neil Schulman

Rating: ****
     This article talks about how many kayakers nowadays overcompensate for their own safety. In other words, they simply buy more expensive safety gear rather than spending time to assess the situation they're about to be put in. This article made an interesting link to a test made with cab drivers in Munich in 1994. They were all given cars with new anti lock brakes. However, the crash rate still stayed the same. The cab drivers simply proved to be more aggressive on the roads. The same can be said for veteran kayakers. No matter how much safety gear they may be using, disaster will always find a way to strike, and its those key mental decisions that could be the deciding factor between life or death.

     I found this article to be rather intriguing. No matter how good you are at any activity, or how much training or gear you may have invested in, in the end it's those mental decisions that really make the difference.

By Ryan Best

"Understanding Risk" Schulman, Neil , Adventure Kayak, Spring 2012, Print

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