Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Getting Started Geocaching By: Dave Wilkes              

Rating: ****


Geocaching is a sport that's sweeping the nation. It's a popular pass time that brings people together. This article was very well written, and informative to those who don't know what Geocaching is. I for one, have been Geocaching for two years now, so this article really grasped my attention.

It starts off by explaining what Geocaching is, and how to get started. Mr. Wilkes also includes the resources necessary to do so. The interesting part I found was the personal twist he added by sharing some of his own experiences with the reader. It was an interesting aspect, on what begun as a formal article, and digressed off into his own personal story. It was an opinion text that really showed the positive effect it can have on someone, and how it can be incorporated in your daily life.

All and all, this article was well written and I recommend it to anyone who is contemplating to take up Geocaching. It is informative, and really motivates individuals to get outside and do something fun. Anyone and everyone that is looking for something challenging, new, and fun to do should read this!

Source: "Getting Started Geocaching", Wilkes D., May 26, 2010, 4AllOutdoors, Online Article, URL: <http://4alloutdoors.org/outdoor-articles/getting-started-geocaching/>

By: Brianna Champagne

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