Tuesday, October 30, 2012

A Cross Between A Surfboard And A Canoe

Stand up and paddleboard! by Tara Hamilton

Rating: ****

This new water travel is unique and spreading fast. It is similar to being on a canoe except the catch: you are standing on a surfboard like object (standing up paddleboard or SUP) with a paddle as tall as your body in hand.

This article talks about the new method in recreational water travel and how to get started. The author says that she saw it for the first time in the top corner of a Mexican surf school webpage and was instantly intrigued. The article talks about how it is a great workout and eases your mind "a mini vacation" in fact.

This article really makes me want to try out this new water device because I've always wanted to try surfing, but the Ottawa area isn't ideal for this whatsoever. Also, I really enjoy paddling for example canoeing so I believe this would be something I'd really enjoy. It made me think about going out on the lake of my cottage and just leave all the stress in the world behind me and just paddleboard away. Or possibly going on long trips with friends doing this activity. I learned a new way to travel on water and how to get started doing it (how to get a board, how big my paddle needs to be, safety measures etc.). This article has inspired me to get outdoors in the summertime and just paddleboard my troubles away.

Hamilton, Tara. Stand up and paddleboard! Ottawa Outdoors magazine. Summer/ Fall 2011.

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