Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Hansley's 1st article

Article 1
“Backwards is a step in the right direction “–By: ken whiting
Rating: **** 4/5
In our class we recently did a canoeing trip together that taught me lots. Here is something I didn't know and that will help you on our next canoeing trip!

This article was a very quick read but yet very efficient about passing a message. It talks about the basics of canoeing and tells you an opinion of a very experienced paddler in the Ottawa region. Basically the reason why the title of this article is very effective is because it talks about paddling backwards to improve your muscles and prevent injuries and increase your abilities in manoeuvring a canoe, so therefore backwards is a step in the right direction to improve your skills. This article shows clear instructions and statistics about the topic, it also contains an expert’s opinion which I think is very helpful. This article has definitely affected me because I will remember certain tips I learned. It will make me change the way I paddle and the way I warm up for canoeing, hopefully next time I don’t pull a muscle. One great inspiring thing about this article is how it shows how over time comes great knowledge and this is a great example of how the little tips and tricks of a veteran are a game changer and very efficient. I would recommend this article to everyone on the canoeing trip who had a pulled muscle.
-by : Hansley .P

Whiting, Ken. "Backwards is a step in the right direction". ottawaoutdoors.ca [Date unavailable]. 30 October 2012 <http://ottawaoutdoors.ca/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=177%3Apractice-the-unsung-kayak-backstroke&catid=35%3Aadventure-articles&Itemid=57>

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