Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Banish the blisters


     This artical was very helpfull to understand how to prevent blisters before they happen.

I thouroly enjoyed this article because I learned about blisters and what to do to prevent them. I learned that a blister is formed because of heat, moisture and friction and if you stop one of these you have a great chance of no longer getting blisters. It is important to get a good pair of boots and walk around in them for a week or to around the house to get a good feeling for them. Also you should not where cotton socks because they make your feet sweat easily and very quickly. You can also bring shoe inserts to prevent the chances of a blister.

This article was very helpfull in learning how to prevent blisters and was a great read.

Originally published in Dave's Outdoor Life column in the Ottawa Citizen.

By: Ryan Barnett

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