Monday, October 29, 2012

Hiking with Kids - Kathleen Wilker

Ottawa Outdoors Magazine
Rating: ****

While i do not have kids, I can understand that it is difficult to interest young children in higher levels of physical activity.
This article explains some great ways to interest younger children in hiking.  According to the article, easier trails are not the best thing for children.  A trail with a higher difficulty level will keep the children interested and involved.  That is the key in all this, to keep them interested.  Telling them things that will keep them going, like "there's a small waterfall up ahead that you can play in" or "at the top of this hill we'll be higher than the tree tops" is perfect to drive them forward.  Bringing the right kind of snacks will help keep their energy up and keep them moving.
T do not have any kids, nor do i plan to in the near future, however, I can see that this article would prove very useful to any parent who enjoys hiking.  These simple tricks and ideas could help any child enjoy hiking and keep them interested.  If I ever do have kids in the distant future, I would love to be able to take them hiking, and this article would be a great help.  I highly reccomend it to anyone with kids who enjoys the outdoors.
Wilker, Kathleen. "Hiking with Kids".  Ottawa Outdoors Magazine.  Fall 2012.

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