Sunday, October 7, 2012

Must-Do Trip: Ski Mount Rainier, Washington - Chris Davenport

Rating: ***

This article is an interesting read for any body who loves downhill skiing and a challenge.

Chris Davenport is the author and big-mountain skier in the article. He highlights some of Mount Rainiers, more interesting highlights and how if you are a downhill skier with with an apatite for a challenge then this mountain is the mountain you want. 

Even though we don’t go downhill skiing in Outdoor Ed, this article was one of many in a special “Ultimate Adventure Bucket List 2012” which I thought did correlate back to our course. This article was one of Chris’s ‘Must Do’ trips in his life time and Outdoor ed is all about getting outside and doing what you love to do. I recommend this article among with the other bucket list adventures articles, to any one who who wishes to be inspired to go on an amazing trip.   

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