Sunday, October 28, 2012

Nightmare at 14,000 feet

Nightmare at 14,000 Feet
By; Don Whitley              Rating- ****
This story is about a man who was an avid mountian climber and his life threatening experience on the top of Mount Massive. Don was mountin climbing with his geology professors and a group of climbers from a group called the Colorado Mountian Club. They made it to the top of the mountian and a thunder storm was approching. Some of the people went down the trail but Don went down the side and fell through an ice shet into melt water. He was stuck on the mountian with lightning hitting the ground around him. He survived to tell his story to the world and now laughs about it. This is a good article and it makes you think.
This story makes me think about the TV show "Man vs Wild" on the Discovery channell. Don took a risk by going down the sie of the mountian that was unstable instead of climing down the trail. This reminds me of the show because Bear Grills take chances like this all of the time when a less riskfull optioon could have been used. This will impact me because I would be like Don and go down the hill as fast as I could but, because of this article, I will think twice about the choices I make.  
 By;Tyler Franklin
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