Sunday, October 28, 2012

Unexpected Moose Attack While Snowshoeing

Unexpected Moose Attack While Snowshoeing
By; Karen Douglass
This is the story of a woman who was shoeshoeing with her three dogs on an unbroken trail theat she had never been on before. Her dogs ran off on her after something and she fallowed them Shhe saw scat and tracks of a moose and then she saw the moose. She tried to get the leashes of the dogs and the moose charges her. She loses her snowshoes and had to walk back to her house thruogh hip deep snow. she nakes it home and the next day finds out that she had hypothermia and frost bite on her legs. She ends up being okey and she has no scars from the frostbite or the moose.
This article makes me think about the dangers of going out in the wild without telling anyone of without a cell phone or some sort of communication device. It has taught me that even though an animal might look calm, it can turn protective or violent in seconds. It is a good story that is also verry informative.
By Tyler Franklin
Unexpected moose attack while snowshoeing, Karen Douglass,, February 4 2011,web

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