Monday, October 22, 2012

Edible Pine Bark
By: Ron (Author of article)
Rating: ****
            This article is very informing and interesting to read. It has lots about what kind of trees to look for and how to eat the bark. Also it informs us not to try this for fun but only if you are in need or have a tree that has already been cut down for other reasons.
            I never knew that you actually eat a tree. This article has me think about what the forest provides you with to survive. There have been many who have died in the forest when they were actually surrounded by trees. But make sure it’s only pine trees that you can eat to prevent scurvy from lack of vitamin C.
            I have learned how easy it is to survive in the wilderness and prevent disease. To eat this you can simply shave off the bark and eat the a thin layer of pine bark on the inside but it is hard to chew like gum, it will stay like that until your jaw starts to hurt. So if you have time, you can boil it or cook it over the fire to make it crispy, but if eating bark is weird to some people you can also make it into a tea. It's also very important you don't do this to a tree unless you need to because taking bark off a tree can kill it with disease and insects. And make sure not to eat if it looks like it's been already cut or starting to rot.
            I found this article very interesting to read and I think more people who want very good survival tips to read it too because it is something most people would never think of doing! If i ever come across the chance of trying it I would, to say I’ve eaten a tree.
Written by Ron on June 21, 2005, “Survival Topics: Edible pine Bark”, Category, Uncategorized, 2012 survival topics, Accessed October 20th 2012.

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