Friday, October 12, 2012

Should I or Should I Not Wear a Helmet While Bicycling?

By: Jenn K.

Rating: ****

It is very important to wear a helmet while bicycling; it could save your life. If you are ever thinking, “should I wear a helmet? Nah, I won’t get hurt.” Or, “helmets don’t look very cool; I don’t need to wear it.”, then you should read this article.

In this article, the author talks about what could happen if you don’t wear a helmet, some tips about helmets, and also interviews someone who has gotten into an accident while not wearing a helmet. This woman that she is interviewing was in intensive care in the hospital, and in the rehabilitation part of the hospital for three weeks. She fractured her skull, and still cannot hear out of one of her ear. This has affected her everyday life. Just one example of what can happen if you do not wear a helmet and it could have been a lot worse.

This article was interesting, and made me think about what other things could happen if you don’t wear a helmet. Some people don’t wear helmets because they think it isn’t “fashionable” or “cool”, but as the person in the interview says, “How cool do you look with your head bleeding and having permanent injuries?” After reading this article I’ll be sure to wear my helmet every time I go biking. It may not be the most “fashionable” thing, but it could save me a lot of damage.

I would recommend this article to anyone. It could make you think twice about not wearing a helmet.

“Should I or Should I Not Wear a Helmet While Bicycling? “. K, Jenn. 4alloutdoors. Web. Oct. 12/12.

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