Sunday, October 14, 2012

What Makes A Great Trail?

By: Mike Chang


                When I first saw the title of this article, I immediately became critical of the fact that the author of this piece felt entitled to make such a statement, of which should be ones own opinion. I would have assumed it would have been about his great worldly expeditions, and culturally acclaimed knowledge, but I could not have been more wrong.

                this article is simple enough, and vague, but when I read it, I realized it hit close to home. Getting the link off an international website, I was ready for an article about living off the land and what not, but it was about Vancouver. Mr. Chang hit up upon 4 key points when attempting to pick a trail to hike, 1. A breath taking view of some sort, 2. A variety or terrain, 3. Not too busy, and 4. A challenge.  When going into further detail about each determining factor, Chang constantly refers back to Vancouver's trails, and how one doesn't need to travel far, when something is so close to home.

                It was refreshing to read this article, especially when it was a link on a site where individuals were discussing their adventures in the Amazon, etc It touched close to home, and I truly appreciated it. It was a quick interesting read that captured my attention from beginning to end.

rate: ***

Citation: "What Makes a Great Trail?", Mike Chang, June 27 2011, Online Article, URL: <>
By: Brianna Champagne

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