Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Take your pooch for a paddle

Take Your Pooch for a Paddle- By Sheila Ascroft
rating: ****
   Have you ever wanted to go for a canoe trip but were afraid to bring your canine friend along? Although many breeds of dogs enjoy swimming and canoeing, there are still quite a few who will not even step foot into the water. This article is very insightful and describes the best way to help your dog become more comfortable canoeing, and is told through the author's through personal experiences.
   "Take Your Pooch For a Paddle" begins with Ascroft sharing examples of how her dog does not enjoy the water. In explaining this, she was able to convince the audience that if her tips would work for her dog, they could work for them. The article continues on to describe how she persuaded her dog to come near the boat by using treats, how to train him to stay in the middle of the boat, and teach him how to react with fellow paddlers. She then explains the best way to keep your dog cool and comfortable, in bringing water and stopping for rests. By the end of the article, Shiela Ascroft mentions that now, after using all of her tips, her dog loves to canoe whenever he gets the chance.
I found this article very useful because I have often wondered how my dog, who will not even go near the water, would react if he came on a canoe trip. I now know to bring a towel for shade and lots of water so that he will not overheat. After reading this article, I am confindent that I will be able to bring my dog on canoe trips, without fearing that he will be uncomfortable or scared.
I highly recommend this article who is worried to bring their dog on a canoe because it incorporates many important tips to ensure the safest and most enjoyable trip for you and your pet.

Ascroft Sheila, " Take your pooch for a paddle", ottawaoutdoors.ca

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